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Offer Life Changing GIP Workshop Series


The Girls in Power “Program” is inspiring youth to have a healthy perspective and a purposeful attitude through self-awareness, self-management, and self-empowering skill-building workshops.

MISSION: To build thoughtful, purpose-driven youth across all socio-economics and to provide at-risk youth with a road-map for success throughout their lives.

The GIP “Program” core themes:

Bullet Self-Awareness

Bullet Self-Management/Self-Respect

Bullet Empowerment





Our skill-building workshops equip youth with essential skills in the areas of:


Bullet Arts

Bullet Wellness

Bullet Intention

Bullet Community

Every teen is assessed through in-take process, assessed weekly and an out-take process is performed.



GIP focuses on areas of growth:

Mentally, Physically, And Emotionally and Community Service “Fit”—ready to Contribute to Society.





GIP provides:

Bullet Safe, loving and supportive learning environment

Bullet Experiential learning opportunity

Bullet Modalities used: auditory, kinesthetic and visual

Bullet Mentors to every teen

Bullet Teachers and Leaders who infuse their knowledge in a safe and loving environment

Bullet 20-minute “check in” mentor/mentee telephone call

Bullet In-person visits with their “matched” mentor




GIP “Tool” bag (all GIP materials and essentials)

Bullet Curriculum in Binder

Bullet Blessing Journal

Bullet Pens and Highlighters

Bullet Helpful & Quick Tip handouts

Bullet “GIP” novelties & GIP T-Shirt

GIP is using a “Skill Building” approach and providing an opportunity for learning discipline, new skills, and a sense of accomplishment to young girls.

GIP is teaching, educating, promoting, inspiring and empowering youth with new skills and firm boundaries so they become capable and empowered contributors to our society.

“Mentoring Opportunities” for Young Women (ages 16-24) who are leaders among their peers and wish to impact tweens and teens through philanthropy

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