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Empowering Interactive Girls Curriculum by GIP

Empowering Interactive Girls Curriculum

Girls in power provides empowering interactive girls curriculum through in home study programs design to empower and cultivate self esteem and inner beauty for girls and their mothers.  Inside every girl lies something hidden; an unseen potential waiting to be discovered.

empowering interactive girls curriculumThe Girls in Power (“GIP”) workshops incorporate the 40 developmental assets using a skill building approach through each module taught weekly. Girls and young women, when learning about Girls in Power, learn essential skills in the areas of arts, wellness, intention, and community. All live workshops are supported with mentors and peers in a loving environment; cultivating the meaning of “sisterhood.”

Mom and Daughter Program

GIP Essentials Program

Leadership Program

One on One Coaching

GIP provides practical tools designed to help families with children struggling at home or in school due to a learning differences, behavior challenges, or lack of social skills development;  with honest and straight forward ways to effectively communicate, set limits and define boundaries.

GIP opens the gate-way of communication between child and parent; so as to strengthen the relationships and bonds when a breakdown in communication is presented.

Girls in Power has expanded, allowing more girls lives to be impacted forever. Businesses and organizations can now purchase and license the GIP products. If your business or organization is paying by any method other than credit card, you can accept the terms and conditions below.

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